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Today’s Home Learning

Each day we will upload a new home learning time table. Within this timetable there are links to recorded lessons. As long as you complete the lessons/activities then feel free to carry them out in whatever order you wish, as long as they are done.

We have put times on the timetable for those who wish to follow a similar routine to the one we have at school. It is really important that children complete each lesson. So that we can provide your child with feedback on their work, please share what they have done each day on class dojo.

Thank you for your continued support.

Monday 25th  January 2021

Today we are going to go off timetable, just like we would have done if we were are school.
Today we are going to have a SNOW DAY.

Before you go out in the snow, talk about what we need to wear and why.

Can you make 2 snowman, 1 short and 1 tall.
How many buttons can you put on your snowman? How many altogether?
Can you write your name in the snow? You could use a stick for your hand.

Bring some snow inside in a cup, watch what happens to the snow inside? Discuss.

Once you have finished playing outside you will be cold, so make some hot chocolate. Can you follow instructions on how to make hot chocolate.

Draw and write about what you have done today.

Hope you enjoy todays learning and you can tell us all about it when we meet today at 1:30


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Creative Curriculum: Once upon a time?

Our topic this half term is ‘Once upon a time?’

This topic supports children to develop a love of stories and reading. It encourages children to learn, retell and act out familiar and traditional tales including GoldilocksLittle Red Riding HoodThe Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

  • E. L. Goal – Literacy reading – Demonstrate understanding of what has been read to them by retelling stories and narratives using their own words and recently introduced vocabulary.
  • E. L. Goal – Expressive arts and design – Make use of props and materials when role playing characters in narratives and stories.

Wider Curriculum

Complete the wider curriculum activities by accessing Purple Mash using your login details. Click on the ‘to do’ link and attempt the work set. After completion, save your work and click on the ‘hand in’ button.



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