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Today’s Home Learning

Each day we will upload a new home learning time table. Within this timetable there are links to recorded lessons. As long as you complete the lessons/activities then feel free to carry them out in whatever order you wish, as long as they are done.

We have put times on the timetable for those who wish to follow a similar routine to the one we have at school. It is really important that children complete each lesson. So that we can provide your child with feedback on their work, please share what they have done each day on class dojo.

Thank you for your continued support.

Tuesday 23rd March 2021


Timeable Tuesday 23rd March


Use White Rose Maths to watch instructional videos and then answer the accompanying worksheets. Sign in by clicking here.

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Please access reading eggs using the log in that your teacher has sent you on class dojo, if you do not have this please message your teacher.

Access Reading Eggs

Creative Curriculum: Dangerous Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Image

Our topic this half term is ‘Dangerous Dinosaurs’

This exciting project teaches children about the different animals that roamed Earth millions of years ago and how they are related to animals that live on Earth today.


Number; Numerical patterns
Gross motor skills; Fine motor skills
Self-regulation; Managing self; Building relationships
People, culture and communities; The natural world
Exp A&D
Creating with materials; Being imaginative and expressive
Listening, attention and understanding; Speaking

Wider Curriculum

Complete the wider curriculum activities by accessing Purple Mash using your login details. Click on the ‘to do’ link and attempt the work set. After completion, save your work and click on the ‘hand in’ button.



Please click here to visit Charanga and attempt the music lessons.