We are so sorry to hear you are off school! To make sure you aren’t missing out, we will update tasks on this page weekly. These tasks will match up to what we are doing in class.

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Each week, Miss Aujla or Mrs Jones will record a video of them reading the class text. Please watch and listen, then answer the questions below.


Listen to the video below and think about the tricky words below. Find out what they mean and see if you can use them in a sentence.


Have a go at reading the pages to somebody else in the house. If you are stuck on a word ask somebody to help you sound it out.


Complete the questions attached. Use the book pages to help you.

Comprehension 07.01.20


Each day there will be a video from Mrs Jones to explain what to do. This will also be put on ClassDojo everyday too.

In Literacy we are learning about Chocolate, and how it is made! We will be  reading an E-book which tells us the process in which Chocolate is made.

Monday- How well can I understand the features of an explanation text?

Mondays lesson explained by Mrs Jones

Read through the explanation text and use the checklist to tick off all the features that you can find.

checklist explanation text

Explanation text

Tuesday-  How well can I sequence sentences?

Put the sentences in the correct order to show how chocolate is made. Use the screen and video below to help you.


screen 4 

Sequencing Sentences chocolate

Wednesday-  How well can I understand how chocolate is made?

Watch the lesson below:


Using the sheet, draw pictures and write your own sentences to describe how chocolate is made. Use the video below to help you.


How Chocolate is Made

Thursday- How well can I answer questions based on a text?

Read the comprehension sheet below and answer the questions.

fairtrade 1

fairtrade 2

fairtrade questions

Friday- Spellings

Watch the video below from Mrs Jones:


Read through the words and learn how to spell each one. Try using each word in a sentence.

Spellings 1

Speaking & Listening


What would you like to be when you grow older? How can you achieve this goal?

Discuss this question with your family at home, telling them what you think and listening to what they think.


Spelling and extra reading

You should try to practice your spellings at least 3 times a week. You can also read extra e-books online.

You can do this by following these instructions;
Open the website Oxford Owl
Click on ‘My Class Login’ at the top of the screen.
Use the login:
Username – Caldmore2A
Password – Spelling
Here you can access the ‘Extra Practice Zone’. There are also lots of resources for parents and eBooks to read!

Below are the common exception words for Year 2. By the end of year 2 children are expected to be able to spell most of these words. Please practice these words at home.

Click here to access all the videos and practise saying and writing words with the following sounds.


Watch the videos and practise saying and writing words with the following sounds.

Creative Curriculum – Wriggle and Crawl

Our topic this half term is ‘Wriggle and Crawl’. We will be learning about…

Different insects. What is an insect? How do you know it’s an insect? Can you name any insects?

The lifecycles of a caterpillar

Making 3D models of insects

You can find out more information about our topic here-Knowledge Organisers

This week we are learning about what an insect is.

Tuesday: How well can I understand the lifecycle of a butterfly?

Watch the lesson below-

Read the powerpoint below to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly.


Activity: Cut out the pictures and put them in the correct place for the lifecycle of a butterfly. Write a few sentences to explain each stage.

lifecycle of a butterfly 1

lifecycle of a butterfly 2


Wednesday- How well can I answer questions based on a text?

Watch the video below-

Read through the information below and answer the questions attached.


lifecycle of a butterfly 3

lifecycle of a butterfly 4

Thursday- How well can I sketch a caterpillar?

Watch the video below-

Today we are going to sketch a caterpillar. Remember to press lightly when sketching so that it is easier to rub out if needed.

sketch a caterpillar

Use the video below to help you.



Watch the video below from Mrs Ravat

Have a go at copying the letter a, along with the same words and sentence. Challenge: Think of a sentence using the word ‘actor’

Wider Curriculum

Complete the wider curriculum activities by accessing Purple Mash using your login details. Click on the ‘to do’ link and attempt the work set. After completion, save your work and click on the ‘hand in’ button.


Our topic this half term is ask about The Creation Story. We will be learning about Christianity and the Nativity Story.

Read through the Nativity story below.


Listen to the lesson from Miss Heath:

Work sheet