Our teacher is Mrs Kempson

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Tennant and Mrs Rehman

Behaviour in 5K

Good to Be Green

Good to be Green is a whole-school system which involves 3 cards: green, yellow and red.

Children who follow expectations stay on a green card.

For poor behaviour, a verbal reminder is given.

If poor behaviour continues, a yellow card is given.

A red card is given if poor behaviour continues OR the child shows a ‘red card’ behaviour, e.g. fighting, swearing etc…


Across the academy, dojo is used to REWARD children.

They can earn dojos for demonstrating our academy values of:

– Ambitious






At the end of the half term, children receive a reward according to the amount of dojos they achieved.

Golden Time

Every Friday, 5K have golden time to reward  children who have followed the class rules.

Yellow cards = lose 5 minutes of golden time

Red cards = loose all of golden time

During their ‘time-out’ – children will reflect ont their behaviour and speak to an adult about how to make better choices next week.

What are we learning?


Oranges In No Man’s Land… a gripping story of a ten-year-old girl who risks death to make a lifesaver dash through war-torn Beirut. During this topic, we will learning different writing techniques to make our writing excitingly more detailed!


We are continuing with Year 4 Maths until the end of the November. We will be learning about: decimals, fractions, measurement, angles, shape and Roman Numerals.

Creative Curriculum

Focus: Geography

We will begin our topic by visiting Caldmore Community Garden to search for minibeasts… What will be find?!

For the rest of the half term, activities will include: line drawings, locating minibeasts on a world map, creating fact files, learning about the world’s most dangerous minibeasts, using laptops to make bug-hotel advertisements and making our OWN bug hotels using resources found at the Community Garden.


Focus: Life Cycles

In Science, we will be learning about Life Cycles. We will explore plant reproductions (sexual and a-sexual) and the life cycles of mammals, amphibians and insects.


Focus: Returning to school

This half-term, we will be focusing on well-being. The ‘Returning to School’ program will cover themes including:

– Discussing Covid-19 and it’s impact

-Reconnecting with friends

-Feeling safe at school

– Managing worries and fears

-Looking forward to learning

-Gratitude and appreciation

-Loss and bereavement.