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Attendance (Pupils)
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Charging and Remissions Policy
Complaints Policy and Procedure
Conflicts of Interests Policy
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Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
Educational Visits
Equal Opportunities (Staff)
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Relationships and Health Education – Under Consultation
Relationships and Health Education (Primary)
Safeguarding - Covid-19 Safeguarding Addendum
Safeguarding - Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 (DfE)
Safeguarding - Working Together to Safeguard Children (DfE)
Safeguarding And Child Protection
SEND Information Report
SEND Report to Governors 20-21
Sports Premium 20-21
Whistleblowing Policy
Z Admissions Policy


We are the Admissions Authority for all our academies for further details click on the links below

Applying to join one of our academies

Admissions Policy for 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 - can be viewed below: Admissions policy for 2021/2022 Admissions policy for 2022/2023 Our draft admissions policy for 2023/2024 is available here.

How to apply

If you would like to apply to one of our academies as part of the 'normal' admissions round (Reception, Year, 3, 7 or 12), then please do so via the Local Authority where you live. Please see our policy for details of how to apply in-year. Details of the application process can be found by clicking on the appropriate Local Authority below: read more ❯