Our Role

The role of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  Champions team is to actively promote all aspects of equality and diversity within our school.

We want to support in creating an accepting, inclusive and educated culture where we can reduce the chances of discrimination and allow all staff and children to feel welcome, safe and valued.


All staff and children are  celebrated in every classroom in our school – create an inclusive working environment.


Celebrate the successes and amplify the stories of people who bring a range of diverse experiences. Enable staff’s personal development in all protected characteristics.


Promoting acceptance. Increasing visibility. Encouraging celebration. Creating belonging. Enabling learning.

Equality Act 2010

There are nine protected characteristics in the Equality Act. Discrimination which happens because of one or more of these characteristics is unlawful under the Act. We all intersect across these categories – for example, sex, age, civil partnership, etc. So, the Act protects everyone from discrimination.