The Local Governing Body (LGB)

In order to understand the role and responsibilities of the local governing body within Caldmore Primary Academy it is important to recognise that the governing body of a school that is part of a multi-academy trust, such as this one is, is very different from that of a single academy school or a community school.

The main difference is that the trust is the accountable body and ultimate decision-making body and not the local governors, or local governance tier as they are known, and it is the trustees who decide how governance works at individual academy level and what responsibilities are delegated to the local tier.  The trust board can, at any time choose to remove those delegated responsibilities or change the committee structure.

So, in a nutshell the local governing body is a committee of, and dependent on, the trust board for any decision-making powers.

So, what is the role of the local governing body at Caldmore Primary Academy?

The local governing body is an informed local community resource with a unique local perspective and a delegated responsibility to provide challenge and support to the academy and the Trust.  Local governors are the “eyes and ears” of the trustees in the local community.

In line with the trust’s Scheme of Delegation, local governors are responsible for supporting academy improvement and engaging with academy leaders and the community in order to ensure that all students reach their full potential, regardless of background or level of ability.

This academy is part of a local cluster.  This means that the governing bodies of two or more academies come together to form one local governing body chaired by an Executive Chair.

Fully supported by the Trust’s Governance Team and the Executive Chair, local governors of Caldmore Primary Academy are responsible for:

  1. Knowing, understanding and challenging pupils’ overall progress and attainment. This means being clear about where the attainment gaps are, what provisions are in place to close those gaps and the impact of those provisions.
  2. Monitoring child protection and welfare in the academy including attendance, behaviour, suspensions and permanent exclusions.
  3. Receiving and noting summary management accounts and risk registers provided by the academy.
  4. Hearing any appeals as part of the complaints process and sitting on discipline panels in relation to suspensions and permanent exclusions.
  5. Evaluating their own effectiveness through the local governing body action plan, skills audit and clerk-led self-evaluation.

School visits help governors to understand more about their academy and the reality of school life.  We encourage governors to take on specific roles, dependent upon their interests and visit their academy.

Being a governor is a very rewarding experience.  You will be part of a team who is working to improve the life chances of children, some of whom come from very challenging backgrounds.  You will learn new skills whilst giving something back to the community you live and work in.  Our local Governors are committed to Transforming Lives, they give their time and energy to oversee the academy and take on a lot of responsibility.  Governance is enhanced by a team from a diverse range of professional, social and cultural backgrounds, if you are interested in becoming a local community governor please get in touch with Michelle Eaves our Governance Clerk.

Contact our Governors

Michelle Eaves Photo

Michelle Eaves, Head of Governance and Clerk to the Governors

Any communication for the Governors can be made via the following:


Telephone: Leave a message via 01922 721359

Address: FAO Clerk to the Governors, Caldmore Primary Academy, Carless Street, Walsall. WS1 3RH

Meet Our Governors

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Anna Webster. Local Parent Governor

Term of Office: 20/03/2023 – 19/03/2027 appointed by Caldmore Academy Parents
Quality of the Education Link Governor

I am Parent Governor at North Walsall Primary Academy and Caldmore. I am also a Project Manager at Caldmore Community Garden, an outdoor education and recreation space next to the school. I have lived and worked in the local area for more than 10 years now and am committed to building strong relationships between the communities, celebrating their diverse heritage, and ensuring their wellbeing. As a parent, I would like to see the Primary Academy flourish as an educational institution, support development of our children, and be at the heart of the local community.

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Georgia Sims, Local Staff Governor

Term of Office: 09/12/2021 – 31/12/2026, Appointed by North Walsall Academy Staff
EDI and Staff Wellbeing Link Governor

I went to University College Birmingham in 2012 and I have got a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood studies. I have worked in all sectors of education working with children from 0 to 18 and working as a support worker for children and young people.  I specialise working with SEND pupils and put my own experience and knowledge of sign language and Picture Exchange Communication to help pupils with their communication and learning. I am very passionate for helping children with SEND needs as I myself have Autism and additional needs and I can understand and empathise with our children who may be finding it difficult in some situations and explain to staff who may not be able to understand fully on what may be happening.

I started working at North Walsall Primary Academy in February 2018, first volunteering in the nurture room and with our SEND pupils. In September 2018 I got the opportunity to work as a lunchtime supervisor from which I did for around 2 years. I was given another opportunity to work part time with a child who came into our school for the morning and continued with lunchtime supervising and continued to volunteer for the rest of the day.  The following September I was asked to continue to work full time and I am now a SEND Teaching assistant now in nurture and in year 1.  I am proud to be a staff governor as it provides me with opportunities to work closely with staff, families, and our community where we can reach the full protentional for our children.

Mr Tipton

Matthew Tipton, Local Staff Governor

Term of Office: 09/02/2023 – 09/02/2027 appointed by Caldmore Academy Staff
Staff Voice Link Governor

I am Matthew Tipton and I am a teacher at Caldmore Primary Academy. I am a strong believer in education as a means to empower young people with knowledge that is powerful. A power that can lead them to a bright future. It is important, therefore, to ensure that educational establishments are doing their utmost to ensure children are growing as individuals. This, of course, must be done in a safe and welcoming environment that is dedicated to child development. As a child, when I was growing up in Walsall, education was something that was enjoyed and cherished as part of a system that provides for young children (the people that are often most precious to us) what they need and therefore education deserves one of the highest respects of all sectors.

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Nadira Begum, Local Parent Governor

Term of Office: 01/09/2020 – 31/12/2026 appointed by North Walsall Academy Parents
SEND and Safeguarding (including LAC) Link Governor

My name is Nadira Begum, like many parents I want the best for my children I have a great interest in my Childs education and it is important for children to get the best out of school, making friends, and creating memories of fun and learning. I wanted to become a parent governor as my son attends the school and believe parent governors have  a special role and should always try to assess issues and decisions from the point of view of parents/carers and families.

I love to get to know the school community parents, pupils, and staff and believe that I have gained skills in my personal and professional working life. I like to work in a challenging but rewarding environment as my current role is working in Supported living supporting homeless individuals and trying to support them with the challenges they have faced or are facing.

Being a parent governor is very rewarding and as a parent I expect high standards from a school which I believe NWPA follow and by becoming a governor I would like to help with the progression of the school and support the parents and families of North Walsall Primary Academy.

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Tarra Simmons, Local Community Governor

Term of Office:24/10/2022 to 31/12/2026 appointed by the Local Governing Body 
Pupil Premium Link Governor

I am a senior business leader bringing over 35 years’ experience with a passion to ensure young people’s needs and aspirations are a clear consideration and focus of both responsible businesses and community development strategies. My career has been formed around business, people, and community development.

I believe every person should have the opportunity to be the best they want to be and, that every member of the community plays a role in achieving that.  I have previous experience as a school governor and understand the positive difference a strong governing body can make to the success of the school they support.  On a personal level, I’m a mother, gardener, and keen traveller.