The primary aim is to raise the profile and improve the provision of PE and sport in school and to ensure healthy and active lifestyles. The Government are supporting and encouraging schools to provide professional development opportunities for their staff, provide cover/release time for teachers for professional development in PE/Sport, to hire specialist PE teachers/qualified sports coaches to work alongside teachers teaching PE, provide places for pupils on after-school sport clubs and holiday clubs, to run sporting competitions or increasing participation in school games, to increase the amount of swimming sessions in KS2, and to buy in quality assured professional development for schools.

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

This year we will be participating in a range of sporting activities in order to promote healthy lifestyles and physical wellbeing in all pupils, encourage a lifelong love of sports and to challenge and stimulate learning for both pupils and staff within our academy. This will be achieved through the sport premium funding and any additional funding made available by the school for sport, health and fitness.

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Overview for previous years

The School Sport Premium funding has made a huge impact for our pupils at Caldmore as it has helped to enhance opportunities for pupils to take part in a range of physical activities. The amount of pupils taking part in after school clubs has increased due to the range of clubs being made available. One successful programme that has increased pupils participation levels is ‘Change for Life’. Teaching staff have been given the opportunity to attend training courses that have helped them improve their teaching skills and build on their confidence in order to lead sessions such as the ‘Change for Life’ programme. Furthermore, specialist sports coaches working alongside our teachers to develop their expertise in areas such as Dance has also been a significant factor. Pupils have also been given the opportunity to be playground leaders through school workshops in order to increase playtime and lunch time physical activity participation across the school. This encourages our pupils to take part in physical activities throughout the school day.