As part of our role as Head Boy and Head Girl, we will be working with Mrs Mitchell to regularly review Caldmore Primary Academy’s Transformational Improvement Plan.

We will be collecting evidence for the following targets:

  • Refine individual feedback to pupils to ensure it addresses gaps in knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Develop the learning environment to provide pupils with ‘in the moment’ scaffolds, images and prompts in order to accelerate progress within lessons
  • Bring attendance above the national average by addressing persistent absence

We will share our findings through assemblies, school newsletters and our page on the website!

Hi! My name is Amir and I’m in 6B. I feel elated that I’ve have been chosen to be this year’s Head Boy! I really want to make a difference to this academy. I would like to make the hallways and exterior of the school more colourful if possible. One of the reasons I am proud of this school is its large and friendly safeguarding team. My favourite subjects at school are English and History. In future life, I would like to become a teacher to help the next generation.

Hello Everyone! My name is Aaminah and I am 11 years old! I like English and History and love helping everyone! When I was first chosen, I was absolutely astonished and really elated! I love how my friends, teachers and myself are really happy for me! I am proud of Caldmore Primary Academy because I like the respect and friendship around this resistant, equal, ambitious and many more massive words school! What I really would like to do this year is to be more brave and try my very best. Later in life, I would want to get a really good degree and be the best I can ever be. This school will always achieve and inspire more ideas. I will never forget Caldmore Primary Academy!

Deputy Head Boy & Head Girl

My name is Zain and I’m ten years old. I love football and my favourite subject is Science. My favourite teacher is Mrs Bradley because she is so nice. I am genuinely over the moon to be Deputy Head Boy. I am proud of Caldmore Primary Academy because we have a very good safeguarding team, and we have things other schools don’t. When I’m older I want to be a lawyer

Hi everyone! My name is Kinza and my favourite subject is Literacy. What I like about Caldmore Primary Academy is that there are many wonderful teachers like Mrs Bradley and Mrs Thiara. I think that I will be a good Deputy Head Girl because I have got confidence and am good at showing visitors around. I think Year 6 should set a good example to the younger children. When I grow up, I am going to be a teacher.