We value the partnership with parents and hope to build relationships that will continue throughout your child’s school life!

We really value the support that our parents provide. These partnerships strengthen the learning, development and well-being of your children.

At Caldmore Primary Academy we believe that everyone is an educator- children, staff and parents/ carers. Each has something they can teach and learn.

We look forward to building these relationships and working collaboratively together!

The Role of Parents and Carers

Parents and carers have an important role to play in the education of their child. We do this through:

  • talking to parents or carers about their child before their child starts in an academy
  • visits by the teacher to children in their home setting prior to their starting the academy
  • opportunities are given to the children to spend time with their teacher before starting the academy
  • inviting all parents and carers to an induction meeting during the term before their child starts the academy
  • offering parents and carers regular opportunities to talk about their child’s progress in our reception class
  • encouraging parents and carers to talk to the child’s teacher if there are any concerns;
  • having flexible admission arrangements, and allowing time to discuss each child’s circumstances
  • offering a range of activities, throughout the year, that encourage collaboration between child, academy and parents/carers;
  • providing various activities that involve parents and carers, i.e. regular communication with home through the child’s academy diary/link books, and inviting parents and carers to curriculum evenings, in order to discuss the kind of work that the children are undertaking.