This page is full of lovely stories read by your teachers at school.

You will be to listen to a story at any time of the day, whether this is while you eat your breakfast, after a busy day of learning or even at bedtime. There is no limits to when you can enjoy a good story.

If you need a password for any of the stories, please message your teacher on class dojo and they will be happy to give it to you.

Enjoy getting lost in the books with your teachers


Choose a story to listen to, which one is your favourite? Why?

Hansel and Gretel

Question time

  • Why were Hansel and Gretel lost?
  • What did the old woman want to do to Hansel and Gretel?
  • What happened at the end?

The Runaway Iceberg

Question time

  • Who was on the iceberg?
  • Who helped Gaspar and Rossi?
  • Where did Gaspar and Rossi go in the end?

The Bear who Came to Babysit

Question time

  • Who came to babysit? Why?
  • What did Arno and Bibi do with the bear?
  • What did the bear do whilst the children were sleeping?

Knights and Dragons unite

Question time

  • Why did the knights and dragons unite?
  • What did the knights and dragons do?
  • How did they feel at the end when they united?

Jack and the Beanstalk

Question time

  • What did Jack sell? Why?
  • What was at the top of the beanstalk?
  • Who chased Jack down the beanstalk? Why/

The Zoo Vet

Question time

  • Why did George the giraffe visit the vet?
  • How did the vet help Eric the elephant?
  • How were the animals feeling at the end?

Room on a broom

Question Time

  • Who was on the broom?
  • What did the dragon want?
  • Who helped the witch?


Question Time

  • What was the wolf’s plan?
  • Who did the wolf meet?
  • What happened at the end?

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Question Time

  • How many goats were there?
  • What did the troll say when he jumped out from under the bridge?
  • Who solved the problem for the goats

The Old Toy Room

Question time

  • Where was the old toy room?
  • What did Lottie find in the toy room?
  • Did Lottie enjoy playing in the toy room? How do you know?

Carrot Club

Question time

  • Where did the carrots and vegetables live?
  • What was carrot club?
  • How did Sally the carrot get into the carrot club?

Big red bath

Question Time

  • Who was in the bath?
  • Who was roaring in the bath?
  • Where did they go in the bath?