We are excited to develop our creative curriculum even further and have continued on our journey this year to finally achieve the ‘Artsmark Silver Award.’(Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools, accredited by Arts Council England).

This was some of the feedback sent to us by the Artsmark Assessors:

‘You have set down solid foundations for the Arts as part of your school’s approach to curriculum delivery and extra-curricular enrichment. This has led to increased participation of boys in arts activities, particularly in dance and in singing. You are committed to ensuring children have the chance to experience live arts in cultural settings beyond school and continue to work with local theatres to provide such opportunities. CPD has helped teachers improve their confidence and skills in dance, with one teacher changing the emphasis of their current MA as a result of participating. Children’s disposition to learning seems to have improved in some areas – teachers are noting that as a result of engaging in the Arts there is a deeper connection to learning opportunities and wanting to do their best rather than lose focus. One teacher remarked: ‘I observed very positive changes in my pupil’s behaviour. Especially boys! I was worried that they were not going to participate properly but they really surprised me’. The school sees the benefit that the Arts has had on pupil’s behaviour and also on attendance, which was one of your strategic aims. With these foundations laid you are in a strong position to move forward.

Year 3 and 4T performed their ‘Same but Different’ dance on Thursday 9th December 2021. They worked relentlessly and rehearsed to perfection and put on a fantastic performance. They captured the theme of everyone being the same but also celebrated their differences through three different styles of dance. This was attended by Jodie Stus, a representative from the Black Country Dance Hub.

Arts Award

Congratulations to the children in Year 6 who achieved their Arts Award Discover certificate from Trinity College, London in December 2021. Arts Award is a qualification that supports children to enjoy the arts and develop creativity. The children took part in a range of arts activities including dance workshops, learning about a rap artist, developing their skills in graffiti art and a dance performance. We are incredibly proud that they have achieved these awards and hope that they go on to further develop them at Secondary School.