Welcome to 3J

Our teacher is Mrs Jones.
Our teaching assistants are Mrs Begum, Mrs Islam, Mrs Rajak and Mrs Iqbal

‘Home reading books’ will be changed every Wednesday.

PE is on Thursday

Homework is given out on Friday and needs to be brought back in to school by Wednesday.

Spellings are sent home regularly, to learn.

Doodle Maths should be used as much as possible at home.

Creative Curriculum – Urban Pioneers!

Please help your child learn to read and understand the meaning of these topic related words for Urban Pioneers!

What Are We Learning?

In English, we will be reading Tutankhamen. We will retrieve and collate information, identify evidence to explore theories, investigate main and subordinate clauses and understand perfect tense. We will then write an explanation text in response to the big question “Was Tutankhamen Killed?”.

We are reading Gangsta Granny by David Walliams in Guided Reading.

In Maths, we will be studying fractions, comparing and finding equivalent fractions. We will also be working on angles and shapes. We will then be studying perimeters of figures.

Our Science topic is Forces and Magnets.We will be looking at different types of forces and how they make objects move. We will make observations of how some forces need contact between two objects, but magnetic forces can act at a distance. We will also predict whether magnets will attract or repel.

In RE we are studying Hinduism and the Pilgrimage to the River Ganges. We will learn the story of the River Ganges and  understand Hindu’s beliefs about Brahman.

We will be following Charanga online this half term We will also be learning to play keyboards..

In Computing, we will use Purple Mash to learn to code. We will control our own robot and create a simple game.