Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
ScienceNutrition. Food Chains. Fossils. Skeletal systems. Plant Parts/FunctionsPlants Life Cycle. Light and ShadowsForces and Magnets. Rocks and Soils.
PEInvasion games. Swimming. Gymnastics Balance.Invasion games. Swimming. Dance (Theseus and Minotaur)Netball. Athletics.
HistorySignificant individuals. James Lind.Prehistoric Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age.Local History study.
GeographyFair Trade. Using maps to locate countries and continents.How and why Stone Age people changed from hunters to farmers.Name and locate countries and cities in UK with physical and human characteristics.
REBirth ceremonies.Creation.Christianity.
DT / ArtClay sculptures. Fruit and veg cooking. Charcoal drawings.Explore patterns by neolithic people. Paint on stones. Make woven baskets. Clay beaker. Building structures. Greek art and design. 3D sculpture.Embossed patterns and pictures. Making jewellery.
MusicExploring rhythmic patterns. Exploring descriptive sounds.Exploring arrangements. Exploring pentatonic scales.Exploring sound colours. Exploring singing games.